Daily Reflection with Fr. Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Dear Friends: Praying is not easy. Our daily routine calls for our full attention. And the world around us puts little value on prayer; our lives are full of material things but at the same time are getting emptier in God’s value.

For this reason, I will post a daily reflection and as you visit this site may the Holy Spirit within you come to your aid and guide you gently to the God who loves you

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I pray for the World

"JESUS of NAZARETH has triumphed over Death.
His Reign is Eternal. He is coming to conquer the world and the time.
"Mercy, my God on those who blaspheme You,
Forgive them, they know not what they do.
"Mercy, my God, for the scandal in the world,
Deliver them from the spirit of Satan.
"Mercy, my God, on those who run away from
You Give them an appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.
"Mercy, my God, on those who come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross. May they find Peace and Joy in God our Savior.
"Mercy, my God, so that Your Kingdom may come,
but save souls, there is still time; for the time is near, behold, I am coming. Amen
Come, Lord Jesus."

Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes
Discovering 21 Century
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New York, NY 10018
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