Daily Reflection with Fr. Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Dear Friends: Praying is not easy. Our daily routine calls for our full attention. And the world around us puts little value on prayer; our lives are full of material things but at the same time are getting emptier in God’s value.

For this reason, I will post a daily reflection and as you visit this site may the Holy Spirit within you come to your aid and guide you gently to the God who loves you

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Rain

I asked this question, of my Father above, "Why do bad things happen to the people I love?" The answer has long been misunderstood, Why tragedy occurs to the just and the good.
The Lord whispered softly, in a voice sweet and low, "You'll find the answer in the Book I left you, centuries ago." He allows the rain to fall on His sheep, To keep us humble, forgiving, and meek.
A little rain must fall on every life. This world is full of sorrow and strife. He makes the rain fall on the lost and unjust, In order to gain their repentance and trust.
He hopes to increase our virtues And to get our priorities straight, So, when the death angel comes, to carry us home, He'll be waiting for us at the gate.
Author Unknown

Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a bunchof tiny frogs.... who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of avery high tower. A big crowd had gathered aroundthe tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants....The race began...Honestly: No one in the crowd really believedthat the tiny frogs would reach thetop of the tower.You heard statements such as:"Oh, WAY too difficult!!""They will NEVER make it to the top."or:"Not a chance that they will succeed.The tower is too high!"The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one....Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher..The crowd continued to yell, "It istoo difficult!!! No one will make it!"More tiny frogs got tired and gaveup....But ONE continued higher and higherand higher....This one wouldn't give up! At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower. Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, was the only one who reached the top!
THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?
A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the strength to succeed and reach the goal? It turned out....That the winner was DEAF!!!!The wisdom of this story is:Never listen to other people's tendencies to benegative or
pessimistic....because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in your heart!Always think of the power words have.
(There's life and death in the power of the tongue - Proverbs18:21.) Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions! Therefore: ALWAYS be.... POSITIVE! And above all:Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill your dreams!Always think:God and I can do this!Pass this message on to"tiny frogs" you care about.G ive them some motivation!!!

Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Open my Heart oh Lord

Today, Creator, grant me the courage and the will to forgive the people I love the most. Help me to forgive every injustice I feel in my mind, and to love other people unconditionally. I know the only way to heal all the pain in my heart is through forgiveness.
Today, Creator, strengthen my will to forgive anyone who has hurt me, even if I believe the offense is unforgivable.
I know that forgiveness is an act of self-love. Help me to love myself so much that I forgive every offense.
Let me choose forgiveness because I don’t want to suffer every time I remember the offense.
Today, Creator, help me to heal all the guilt in my heart by accepting the forgiveness of everyone I have hurt in my life. Help me to sincerely recognize the mistakes I have made out of ignorance, and give me the wisdom and determination to refrain from making the same mistakes. I know that love and forgiveness will transform every relationship in the most positive way.
Thank you, Creator, for giving me the capacity to love and forgive. Today I open my heart to love and forgiveness, so that I can share my love without fear. Today I will enjoy a reunion with the people I love most.

Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fr Tomas and SS Francisco en Rome

Rev. Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes with His Holiness Francisco I at St. Martha's House (Rome)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Three years ago, a friend said something to me that hurt very deeply. I was speechless. I could not believe she could say that and mean it. When I had no response, she said, "I love you and don't want to see you hurt." My thought was, 'if you love me, how could you say such a terrible thing about someone I love dearly'. But I was still speechless and just couldn't respond.
Days and weeks passed and it still bothered me. I prayed about it a lot and I thought I had forgiven her, but I couldn't forget. Weeks and months went by. I didn't dwell on this, but occasionally after my prayers at bedtime, I would tlhink about it and couldn't seem to clear this from my thoughts. Therefore, I would have a restless night.
Two years passed and I began to doubt that I had forgiven her.
I decided I would talk to her about it and tell her how much her words had hurt. Before I could talk to her, I wanted to think about what I would say that wouldn't hurt her.
(I'm not really sure she would even remember what she had said to me.)
I prayed about this and asked God to give me the right words to say. After four days of praying about this, I began thinking God wasn't listening to me.
Then suddenly it became clear. God had heard and had answered my prayers. The answer was to say NOTHING. JUST FORGIVE. I did -- and a sense of peace came to me. I have had no more restless nights over this.
We all do and say things at time that hurt someone. We need forgiveness and we need to be able to forgive. Let us all pray for those who hurt us and ask God to give us the Grace to forgive them. Forgiving them gives us relief from our hurt. When we can truly forgive, it allows healing to take place in our spiritual lives.
God knows He has to forgive us a lot.

Father Tomas Del Valle-Reyes