Daily Reflection with Fr. Tomas Del Valle-Reyes

Dear Friends: Praying is not easy. Our daily routine calls for our full attention. And the world around us puts little value on prayer; our lives are full of material things but at the same time are getting emptier in God’s value.

For this reason, I will post a daily reflection and as you visit this site may the Holy Spirit within you come to your aid and guide you gently to the God who loves you

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

" Matthew 28:20

"...I am with YOU always…AM WITH YOU ALWAYS..." Matthew 28:20
Little one,
When you wakened this morning, I thought perhaps 
you'd talk to Me and involve Me in your day, 
but you were preoccupied finding something to wear for work. 
When you'd time to spare, I thought we'd have a few moments together, but you got on the phone and started talking to somebody else.
I noticed that before you ate lunch at work, you looked around 
and seemed embarrassed to talk to Me.
Maybe that's why you didn't bow your head and give thanks, 
even though some of your friends did.
Later at home, I waited while you watched television, ate 
dinner, and did paperwork.
At bedtime I guess you were just too tired, because you dropped into bed and fell fast asleep.
Do you know I'm always here for you? 
I love you so much that I wait every day for a prayer,
a thought, or just a chance to speak with you.
The problem as I see it is - it's hard to have a one-sided conversation. Signed, Your Friend, Jesus'. ..." Matthew 28:20
When did you last talk with the Lord? Or take time to listen to Him? There's never a time when He's not speaking; no room so dark, no lounge so crowded, or no office so busy that He's not there.
Never mistake your insensitivity for His absence. Among life's fleeting promises of pleasure is this timeless assurance, '...I am with you always...' (Matt 28:20 NIV). Make time for Him today!

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