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Dear Friends: Praying is not easy. Our daily routine calls for our full attention. And the world around us puts little value on prayer; our lives are full of material things but at the same time are getting emptier in God’s value.

For this reason, I will post a daily reflection and as you visit this site may the Holy Spirit within you come to your aid and guide you gently to the God who loves you

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Prayer for The Advent

What was it in that natal star pre-eminent in the night-time sky that stirred the hearts and imaginations of those magi from the eastwas it color brightness conjunction or morea still small voice whispering in the darkness of the world: 'This is the sign that will proceed the birth of he who fulfils the prophets' words. 'That still small voice which whispers still to our conscience and soul still leads if we will but followto the stable door.
In this season of expectationWe prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah. Into the bustle of our lives and the hard to find moments of solitude
We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah, into our homes and situations along with friends and families. We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah, into our hearts, and those often hidden parts of our lives. We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah. For beneath the surface of your story is an inescapable fact You entered this world as vulnerable as any one of us in order to nail that vulnerability to the cross. Our fears, our insecurities and our sins all that can separate us from Godex changed by your Grace for Love. We cannot comprehend the reasoning only marvel that Salvation comes to us through a baby born in a stable, and reaches out to a world in need.In this season of anticipation. We prepare to welcome Christ Jesus, Messiah
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